I have been to several practice management companies over the years. The results and personal attention received was nominal. I was hesitant to sign up with PBBS, but I needed to get my practice back on track. My experience was beyond words and belief. The personal attention my staff and I received was extraordinary and the growth over a year was exciting and well worth the investment of time and money. Dr. George is spectacular he truly cares about you, your family, your office and your success. I will give you one small example he came to my office on his own time to give a presentation to my patients. This is the type of mentor and person he is. I encourage everyone to join PBBS it will change your life

Dr. Ottavio Nepa

Dr. Scordilis has been my consultant since I started my practice in 2003. During those difficult, unsure times he constantly bombarded me with personal experiences from his decades of experience. He gave me advice based on my comfort level and not the typical "cookie cutter" ideas which are provided by other coaches. His personal and passionate approach made the hard times seem as small challenges that were overcome by clearing my headspace. To this day, I play in my mind his words of encouragement which enable me to face day to day challenges which are inevitable in clinical practice. I encourage every chiropractor to spend time with this man as his passion and calmness will assist you to build a rewarding and successful practice. I thank Dr. Scordilis for reaching out to me during a time where I was lost and overwhelmed as a new doctor.

Andreas Skounakis, DC

I have known Dr George Scordilis for over 38 years. We sat in class together in Chiropractic college, I got to hold his first born baby, I have watched him succeed, I have watched him fail and I have watched him become the successful man he is today! Dr. Scordilis has one of the largest and most successful naturally integrated practices in the state of New Jersey. I have sought George's counsel as a chiropractor over the years always with good result. When I was ready to get serious about making changes in my life and career as a chiropractor George was there to help and guide. Recently following a devastating accident I lost my practice, my confidence and Mojo as a chiropractor. In less than six months with Dr. Scordilis's advice and direction my practice out of a one room suite in January 2016 generated $35,000 in services. My mind has better clarity and focus, my purpose is back on track and as a result all things in my life and practice are moving in a positive direction. If you are right out of school or in practice for any period of time and are willing to work hard, listen well and put into action current and relevant practice building ideas to build the practice of your dreams, I strongly urge you to contact Dr. Scordilis today and get started using his personalized practice consulting services.

Dr. Neal Wieder

Dr. George is an awesome teacher and mentor! He helped me to grow my practice 50% in a 2 year period. His years of experience and knowledge of educating patients and running an office are fantastic! He has a caring nature and he knows how to motivate to get results. I highly recommend Dr. George to anyone who is ready to go to the next level in their practice!"

Dr. Vincent J. Malba