Build it & They Will Come

To assist each one of our doctor's and their teams regain the enthusiasm, joy and passion for serving and caring for their patient's To truly enjoy the fruits of their labor and live their life with happiness, enjoyment and feel empowered about their future.

Dr. George C. Scordilis​

Dr. George is a graduate of NYCC and has been in active practice since 1978 in Clifton, NJ. Since then has had offices in East Orange, West New York, Harrison and Oakland NJ. His practice is diversified and encompasses all facets of life from families to professional and Olympic athletes.​ He has brought into PBBS his 38 years of practice experience and he has been mentored by one of the top coaches and chiropractors in the world Dr. Charles Ward.​ His passion and love for Chiropractic has brought him the success and quality of life he has today. With his guidance you will have the practice and life of your dreams.

Dr. Peter Scordilis

Dr Peter Scordilis is a 2002 graduate of Rutgers University and a 2005 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has been able to grow a waiting list practice over the ten years he has been in practice. His ability to communicate the message of chiropractic to his patient's has been his benchmark for success. His energy and enthusiasm has ignited the passion and commitment each one of his patient's makes to him for their follow through with care. He will bring this same energy to PBBS in helping each one he mentors to stretch their beliefs.