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Many have asked why have you decided to start a consulting company? There are so many? Why is yours different? Believe me this was not an over night decision, I contemplated this decision for the last 3 years. I did take in account that there are so many consultants out there and what was going to make us so different. Our idea of consulting is one that we are not a cookie cutter practice management group. We do not believe one procedure or memorized script fits all. We are unique because each one of our doctors and their teams are unique. So our program personalizes the material we offer for each individual office.

The Mission


  • Not having fun in practice
  • The feeling of one day runs into another
  • Loss of the passion and excitement for helping people
  • Prisoner by insurance companies waiting to get paid
  • Playing the credit card shuffle to pay expenses
  • Lack of patient follow through
  • Living day to day with no plan for the future
  • Staff not supportive


There can nothing more satisfying as to have your child work with you. We blend the old with the new both in practice and in consulting. Both our patient's and doctors with their teams get the benefit of learning from two similar but very different successful doctors.

Dr. George brings with him 38 years of proven experience and dedication, Dr. Peter brings 10 years experience and his ability to incorporate the new age of communicating the chiropractic message, Both are passionate about what they do in their active practice and are able to share real day experience of being in practice today.

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