Q How much time do I need to spend on the webinars?​

This is an individual decision and the time spent will be based on your commitment to mastering the program. My recommendation will be 2 hours a week.​

Q During my personal mentoring calls what will be covered?

Time will be dedicated to review any questions you may have on the webinars and questions on your practice.​

Q Will my team be trained on the same material?

The team training will overlap on some of the webinars, but their sessions will be focused on running and efficient, service orientated office. Where patients love to come to.​

Q What is so unique about PBBS?

Our unique factors are several. We are not a cookie cutter system. We are a personalized mentoring system which will work with you and your team to develop a system which reflects the dynamics of the doctor and team. No expensive travel, no down time in the office and no need to spend money on hotels.​